Amish Wood Flooring Furniture is ideal to use if you want to give of ethnic in your room. Cool again, the characteristics of natural wood shades make your home so warm and cool. Nuance cool during hot weather, and warm during winter rain. You would not lurch to blend with the furniture you have an alternative motive diverse wood parquet. But it is important to remember behold wood parquet also has drawbacks, wood termites are very easy a target, let alone change of season can also cause wood to become brittle. Therefore, if you decide to wear wooden parquet, you need to pay attention to both the type of wood used and its maintenance tips. The wood floors to patient will make sure the aesthetic value and strength to stay durable for years. Visit to another furniture shop link http://amishdirectfurniture.com/about-us/.


Not all types of wood used as a wood parquet

Residence of wooden furniture must meet certain requirements. Bengkirai wood, marine resin, teak, are examples of termite resistant wood and resistant weather changes, because that wood is suitable for home interiors.
Remember, the wood has characteristic easy to inflate, and shrink when Rengat high water content, so let me durable wood used minimal water content.

Calculate the area and shape room formerly used

Amish Services calculates widely used before assembling the wooden floor. If you want to assemble wooden parquet on large surfaces, the floor structure and walls needs to strengthened as well. Moreover, if the wood used by soft, basically need other material coated in advance so that the water does not rise from the ground and eventually penetrate the pores of the wood. In addition, you should consider the use of nails or adhesive materials when wood parquet made of hard wood species such as teak.

Make the shape of the room as your consideration when assembling the parquet floor for easy arranging furniture and keep up alignment of the room. Parquet wood harmoniously arranged vertically to form a more elongated, while the shape dilated more harmonious place using wood parquet arranged horizontally. Observe also neatness in assembling wooden parquet. Undulating surface of the floor will make uncomfortable place, but it is also the parquet floor easily damaged.

Routine maintenance Solid Wood flooring

The wood floors will remain beautiful when obtaining certain treatments. If you want to clean the wood parquet, you simply use a soft broom or vacuum lint cleaner. RRelated imageemember to not wipe parquet wood using liquid water or other cleaners, because of the properties of wood that easily absorbs water easily damaged wood will make because of damp. Remember, that the parquet wood designed to withstand liquid just on the top field, when the wood parquet spilled liquids such as water, paint, cement, wood parquet need quickly wiped, before the liquid penetrating into the wood.

Furthermore, if you are going to move the furniture, it would be good if done in a way not lifted and shifted, and therefore will cause wood parquet defects. The pores of the wood parquet needs to remain moist despite the fact that wood is the main opponent liquid, therefore once every 12 weeks parquet wood rub moisturizer you use certain fluids so humidity is always protected. Formalin-plated hook on the wooden parquet made to make the parquet wood parquet with others in the assembly. Termites do not like the formalin, this is the purpose hook wood floors coated with formalin. Although it has gained formalin antidote, anti-termite injection should always be injected at least 36 months.
At the time of the floor assembly, handyman expert help is really needed

Not all builders can assemble wooden parquet properly, especially a lot of builders who assemble wooden parquet company). Parquet wood assembled carelessly makes invisible aesthetic value. Sense of art on new wood parquet will appear when the builders who assemble concerned with the sense of art. Skilled artisan in wood parquet surely assemble into account gradations of color, size wooden parquet, wood fiber and motifs. Professional and skilled craftsman in wood parquet assembly can bring the full potential of the aesthetic value of the parquet floor.

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