Cigar Smoking

Enjoying a cigar is no longer limited to the upper classes. People from every walk of life are discovering the delights of a well-made cigar. Many people have created their own rituals involving cigars, so why not create your own after learning the basics?

Choosing the Cigar

Cigars should be chosen for their suitability. Different occasions will call for different kinds of cigars. The intensity and smoke time of a cigar is dependent on the length, diameter and construction of the cigar. An ideal first cigar would have a medium smoke time, and a smoke that is not too intense.

The cigar aficionados will tell you that the secret for finding your favorite cigar is to experiment. Do not pick cigars at random, however. You will need to build your cigar tastes up over time, so you find your ideal intensity. Always choose from top quality cigars though. These “premium” cigars are hand rolled, and made of 100% pure tobacco.

Cutting the Cigar

Before you smoke your cigar, make sure you cut the head off. The head is the end you smoke from, while the lit end is called the foot.

The common straight cut is the best cut for a beginner to learn. The cut should create a hole that is the right size for a good smoke. A large cut will mean that your cigar may fall apart in your hands. Small cuts prevent you from drawing a proper puff. Cutting your cigar can be done best by using a double bladed cigar guillotine, or cigar scissors.

Lighting the Cigar

Your cigar should be lit slowly. Ideally, the flame should not touch the cigar, but rather be held at a slight distance away. Holding it near the flame, rotate the cigar so that the tip becomes heated evenly. When the cigar is lit properly, it should smolder evenly all the way around the tip.

For a proper light, use a cigar lighter. These special lighters use odorless gas, and also have a larger, wider flame. Sulfur tipped matches, Zippos, and other gas lighters will destroy the taste of your initial puffs.