Quality Ladies Hats Put the Finish on Any Outfit

Quality Ladies Hats

Once upon a time no woman could be considered fashionably dressed without a proper hat. After half a century or so of bare heads, the good news is getting around: ladies hats are back, so it’s time for a trip to the hat shop!

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to go tramping around in the heat and dust to find a quality hat shop. Instead, any shopper looking to add Ladies Hats to her wardrobe can find a top-notch selection online at places like HatsBoutique. The only question she’ll have will be what kinds of hats will look best with which outfits?

For example, gorgeous Trilby Hats have never fallen completely out of fashion for women’s outfits, as seen on runway models around the world. HatsBoutique offers a Trilby Hat in black or white adorned with a glittering Silver Sequin Butterfly. How’s that for a fresh and funky touch on a classic?

Along with the snappy Trilby, there are varieties of hats that can be great with many outfits. Those who travel a lot might like the classic Chatsworth Wide Brim Straw Hat, a two-tone, wide-brim crushable hat. The Chatsworth is light and durable, packs well, and comes in a medium size (57cm) in two versions, Natural/Brown and Natural/White. Among ladies’ hats there’s also a large-brim crushable straw hat with textured knot detailing, available in Natural Colour. It comes in small (56 cm) and medium (57 cm) sizes.

From Down Under come ladies hats with both sassy attitude and serious purpose. Women who spend lots of time outdoors will want to take a good look at the Soaka hat from the Kakadu range of Australian Ladies Hats’ offered by HatsBoutique. Made from pink micro suede (the sassy attitude), this amazing Aussie hat is waterproof, crushable and has an ultraviolet protection rating of 50-plus (the serious purpose). That means the wearer could stay under the sun outside 50 times longer while wearing this fine hat than she could without any protection.

Women who like a little urban cowboy in their ladies hats will find plenty of options from a hat shop like hatsBoutique. For example, there’s the Ladies’ Brown Straw Cowboy Hat with a frayed edge, features bronze band and shapeable brim. Women who want a hat with real staying power can check out the Ladies Straw Cowboy available in pink, black, and natural with a chin cord and inside elastic for easy fit.

Perhaps the ultimate in ladies hats is the Essence Packable Striped Cowboy Hat. This striped crushable cowboy hat coral, turquoise or toast with a wooden beaded band and shapeable brim. With one of every color from the hat shop, women can harmonize their entire wardrobes with Essence hats!

There are other styles as well: fashion headgear such as bakerboy, cadet and Breton caps; straw hats and sun hats in all shapes, sizes and materials to complete breezy summer outfits; and of course, today’s ultimate in hat styles, Urban Leopard Trilby Hats, made of ultra soft fabric in leopard print with a brown band and buckle. Grr-r-reat!

Which Chicago Bears Hats are right for you

Chicago Bears Hats

As a huge fan of baseball style caps (branded for football teams), I spend a lot of time friends and family with the hippest hats. The cap someone wears is a precise extension of their personality. thankfully for us, there are many great styles and designs available for enthusiasts of Chicago Bears Hats. Lets look at some different styles and see how they might match your personality and by extension, what your cap might have to say about you!There are 4 basic types of hats for Chicago Bears fans: Baseball hats, Knit caps, visors and straw hats. Straw hats are by far the most rare and are often considered training camp  or summer hats

Usually straw hats are simple with a blue or white band and a fairly clean logo. This is the perfect hat for leisurely types, assistant coaches and in some cases, adventurers. A straw hat is a hat with high utility and the folks who wear them tend to be resourceful and pragmatic while maintaining a sense of style and flair.

You will often seen team aides wearing team visors and while out and about, you may notice visors at the park, the tennis court or the golf course. Visors are the mark of athletic, sports minded individuals.

Baseball style hats are by far the most common and are great for many types of situations – school, games, outdoors and for younger folks, they can be an unforgettable piece of their personal style. A lot of the style a baseball hat portrays is connected to the shape the hat is in: a hat with a neat un-curled brim suggests a tidy coordinated fashionable look where a worn in in baseball hat points to someone who wears their hat as a part of their daily activities. It is safe to assume that someone who wears a baseball cap is a very active person.

Finally, a Chicago Bears Hats breakdown would not be over without talking knit caps. During the sub zero winters here in Chicago, a knit hat has less to do with fashion than it does about utility – they keep us warm! Someone wearing a normal watch cap style knit cap is probably a traditionalist and of wonderful spirit. Someone more concerned with fashion will likely be wearing a beanie style hat.

As you can see, the Chicago Bears Hat a fan chooses to wear can say quite a bit about their personality. Whether traditional, energetic, sporty or adventurous, every hat has a story to tell. I hope this article has helped shed some light on the personality a hat can indicate.

A World Famous Ecuadorian Handcraft

Panama Hats

The toquilla Straw hat, better known as “Panama Hat”, has its origins in the Ecuadorian counties of Montecristi and Jipijapa, both located in the Manabi province. No one knows exactly how long these hats have been woven in Ecuador, but it was certainly some centuries before the Spanish Conquest. The chroniclers of those times narrate that natives wore over their heads a hand split, strange attire similar to vampires’ wings, made from the fibers of a plant that grew wild in a sector of the Ecuadorian coastal region.

There is much more information you might ignore about the Panama hats, so we’ve made a quick list of the 5 most relevant facts about them:

1. Its original name is “Toquilla Straw Hat”, named after the palm tree straws they are made from.

2. The “Panama Hat” trade name was created in the mid-1800s by American gold miners who stumbled upon these hats in the Panama markets. Once in the United Estates, the hat quickly became fashionable, and from that day on, it has been misleadingly known as “Panama hat”.

3. The botanical name of the palm tree used to produce the Panama hat was created in Europe, at the end of the 18th century. Botanist called the palm “carludovica palmata” (from the Latin roots carolus: Carlos; and luduvica: Luisa) in honor to the king Carlos IV and the queen Luisa, who wore the hat as several renowned members of the European royalty did.

4. The hat reached its popularity during the 18th and 19th century, when it was used by renowned people like Napoleon III and Edward VII. Nowadays the hat is still used by Hollywood starts like Jeff Goldblum and Peter Falk, as well as by some members of the royalty.

5. The Panama hat is catalogued as one of the world’s three finest hats.

In Ecuador, this hat has an average cost of $25 to $50, but can fetch more than five times this price depending on the style and the quality. Whether you buy it in Ecuador or internationally, a toquilla Straw Hat represents a stylish accessory that can be worn all year long, in any climate.

Enhance Your Child’s Wild West Look With Kids Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

Does your child enjoy imitating the adults they see on television and movies? Maybe he just finished watching Toy Story and wants to dress up like Woody. Perhaps you will be attending a children’s costume party a few days from now. When your child is into the Wild West mode, it is time to dress him (or her) up like a rodeo star.

A typical Western costume is composed of boots, jeans, checkered shirt, bandana, gun in holster and tied to the belt, and of course, a cowboy hat.

Kids cowboy hats are very popular and important accessories to achieve the cowboy look for your kid. The hat gives the costume some “oomph!”, especially when your child is attending a Western-themed party. It sets the difference between a regular costume to a staunch cowboy or cowgirl.

Various styles, sizes, and colors of kids cowboy hats are available, whether online or in your local stores. For girls, there are styles that come in pink. For those who love saving the day, there are hats that come with a star or badge to represent the sheriff or marshal.

When you are buying hats for your cowboy, you may want to consider the type of material from which it is made. Would you want it leather, felt, or straw? What would be the purpose of the hat? Do you see your child wearing it during hot summer months or to keep them dry when the drizzle starts falling? If it would be used for the party alone, most parents opt for woven straw hats with colored trims and star or badge attached. Woven straw hats are very much favored in make-believe and themed parties. They also usually cost for as little as a few dollars each.

For kids who are big fans of John Wayne, why not consider buying a genuine grown-up cowboy hat? If you do not have time to look around, try online shops like Rocky Top Leather (dot com), which offers high-quality kids cowboy hats at reasonable prices. For kids who are more edgy when it comes to style, the site has a wide selection of felt hats in colorful styles like Kids Felt Hat Baby Jane Pink for the girls and Woody Kids Red Felt Hat for the boys.

Once you have found the style and color of hat that perfectly matches your child’s personality, remember to take his head’s measurement. This would help you determine the size of hat that you would buy.

After you have bought the right cowboy hat for your little Woody, everything else will be easy.

Here are additional tips for the rest of your child’s wardrobe:

• The jeans need not be new.

• If checkered shirt is unavailable, flannel or button-up shirts will do. Tie the bandana (large handkerchief) loosely around the shirt’s collar. If your child’s role is an outlaw, he can use the bandana as mouth covering.

• Kids moccasins and John Deere boots are great options for kids because they are made especially for them.

If your child wants to dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl, a simple accessory like buying a cowboy hat would make him feel like one.

These straw hats can be used in any seasons, and it offers an elegant appearance in any outfit.

Ladies Straw Hat

When you are exposed to extreme sunlight, and you want to protect your face, having ladies straw hat will be best suit you. There are some straw hats that are very comfortable because its weight is very light. The straw hats for ladies can be maintained and cleaned easily. With this straw hat, it will provide and enough flexibility of the look depending on the trend or fashion. With the use of straw hat, you no longer have to buy many hats just to match in your outfit or wardrobe. 

During summer, it is the time where girls like to wear this straw hat along with their summer outfits. With a very light weight, it adds up to the summer appeal. You can even make your own design of straw hats depending on your choice and theme that you like. For example, you prefer to have a theme that is for beach parties; by just wrapping it using a blue ribbon will create a naval look. Buttons, anchors or pizzazz can also be attached in the ladies straw hat.

If you prefer to wear the straw hat for ladies during spring season having an idealistic look is nicer. You just have to make some adjustments. A yellow, pink or white ribbon with some artificial flowers can be used. However, if you prefer to have a stripped or dotted ribbon, on simple flower can be used. To have a country look, using a thin translucent scarf can be tied in the straw hat.

Almost all of us thought that straw hat for ladies cannot be used in winter season. The truth is you can wear it every daytime. And by using a bold colored scarf is all that you need to do. You can also have some color like burgundy, purple, orange and more. Choosing a tiger or leopard printed scarf are also some good options. However, if you want to have a glamorous look, using colored feather and glossy stone in your straw hat can be.

If you want to see more deigns and styles of straw hats for ladies, you can just check some websites on the internet and you can easily view many designs that you like. It is important to know its quality before buying a straw hat so as to identify on how long you can use it. You must also know the materials that were used to produce these ladies straw hat. Having at least one ladies’ straw hat will do as long as you can redecorate it with some simple stuff that is available and suitable.