Which Chicago Bears Hats are right for you

Chicago Bears Hats

As a huge fan of baseball style caps (branded for football teams), I spend a lot of time friends and family with the hippest hats. The cap someone wears is a precise extension of their personality. thankfully for us, there are many great styles and designs available for enthusiasts of Chicago Bears Hats. Lets look at some different styles and see how they might match your personality and by extension, what your cap might have to say about you!There are 4 basic types of hats for Chicago Bears fans: Baseball hats, Knit caps, visors and straw hats. Straw hats are by far the most rare and are often considered training camp  or summer hats

Usually straw hats are simple with a blue or white band and a fairly clean logo. This is the perfect hat for leisurely types, assistant coaches and in some cases, adventurers. A straw hat is a hat with high utility and the folks who wear them tend to be resourceful and pragmatic while maintaining a sense of style and flair.

You will often seen team aides wearing team visors and while out and about, you may notice visors at the park, the tennis court or the golf course. Visors are the mark of athletic, sports minded individuals.

Baseball style hats are by far the most common and are great for many types of situations – school, games, outdoors and for younger folks, they can be an unforgettable piece of their personal style. A lot of the style a baseball hat portrays is connected to the shape the hat is in: a hat with a neat un-curled brim suggests a tidy coordinated fashionable look where a worn in in baseball hat points to someone who wears their hat as a part of their daily activities. It is safe to assume that someone who wears a baseball cap is a very active person.

Finally, a Chicago Bears Hats breakdown would not be over without talking knit caps. During the sub zero winters here in Chicago, a knit hat has less to do with fashion than it does about utility – they keep us warm! Someone wearing a normal watch cap style knit cap is probably a traditionalist and of wonderful spirit. Someone more concerned with fashion will likely be wearing a beanie style hat.

As you can see, the Chicago Bears Hat a fan chooses to wear can say quite a bit about their personality. Whether traditional, energetic, sporty or adventurous, every hat has a story to tell. I hope this article has helped shed some light on the personality a hat can indicate.