Quality Ladies Hats Put the Finish on Any Outfit

Quality Ladies Hats

Once upon a time no woman could be considered fashionably dressed without a proper hat. After half a century or so of bare heads, the good news is getting around: ladies hats are back, so it’s time for a trip to the hat shop!

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to go tramping around in the heat and dust to find a quality hat shop. Instead, any shopper looking to add Ladies Hats to her wardrobe can find a top-notch selection online at places like HatsBoutique. The only question she’ll have will be what kinds of hats will look best with which outfits?

For example, gorgeous Trilby Hats have never fallen completely out of fashion for women’s outfits, as seen on runway models around the world. HatsBoutique offers a Trilby Hat in black or white adorned with a glittering Silver Sequin Butterfly. How’s that for a fresh and funky touch on a classic?

Along with the snappy Trilby, there are varieties of hats that can be great with many outfits. Those who travel a lot might like the classic Chatsworth Wide Brim Straw Hat, a two-tone, wide-brim crushable hat. The Chatsworth is light and durable, packs well, and comes in a medium size (57cm) in two versions, Natural/Brown and Natural/White. Among ladies’ hats there’s also a large-brim crushable straw hat with textured knot detailing, available in Natural Colour. It comes in small (56 cm) and medium (57 cm) sizes.

From Down Under come ladies hats with both sassy attitude and serious purpose. Women who spend lots of time outdoors will want to take a good look at the Soaka hat from the Kakadu range of Australian Ladies Hats’ offered by HatsBoutique. Made from pink micro suede (the sassy attitude), this amazing Aussie hat is waterproof, crushable and has an ultraviolet protection rating of 50-plus (the serious purpose). That means the wearer could stay under the sun outside 50 times longer while wearing this fine hat than she could without any protection.

Women who like a little urban cowboy in their ladies hats will find plenty of options from a hat shop like hatsBoutique. For example, there’s the Ladies’ Brown Straw Cowboy Hat with a frayed edge, features bronze band and shapeable brim. Women who want a hat with real staying power can check out the Ladies Straw Cowboy available in pink, black, and natural with a chin cord and inside elastic for easy fit.

Perhaps the ultimate in ladies hats is the Essence Packable Striped Cowboy Hat. This striped crushable cowboy hat coral, turquoise or toast with a wooden beaded band and shapeable brim. With one of every color from the hat shop, women can harmonize their entire wardrobes with Essence hats!

There are other styles as well: fashion headgear such as bakerboy, cadet and Breton caps; straw hats and sun hats in all shapes, sizes and materials to complete breezy summer outfits; and of course, today’s ultimate in hat styles, Urban Leopard Trilby Hats, made of ultra soft fabric in leopard print with a brown band and buckle. Grr-r-reat!